dear my future lover.

a letter to my future lover,

it's funny to think that we're strangers 
and you're sitting in some other room
in some other house
maybe even in some other country
thinking about things that
won't even cross my mind.

it's funny to think that you're out there
dreaming and loving and
wishing upon the same stars
that i look up at when night falls
like a curtain over the horizon.

it's funny to think that someday
you will love me 
but today
you have no idea
who i am.

p/s ; when the time comes, i'll love you too.


how much i've been thinking about this and how much i've been staring at the stars and the skies.
thinking whether you're actually exist or not.
thinking.. what if death comes to chase me first. 
who knows. 


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