from a best friend.

Five years and a half before ,i had been studying at smka wataniah which is located at kampong pangkal changgong in machang, Kelantan. The school was so in peace and harmony. Once i got there, i knew this school would have taught me to be a good Moslem as it is a religion school. Being a student there, i had to live in the hostel as my house was quite far away from the school. In addition to that, all the students here were not only from Machang but most of them came from all the districts throughout Kelantan.
The first day there, i could make up several new friends though i was not a friendly person. For me it would be a success and i congratulated myself for being brave to  fight the silence mode in my own self. I studied in form One Mutanabbi which was known as the first class in every form. The students in this class faced lots of pressure as the teachers kept giving their attention to us. This was a challenge  for  me as i was not sure of my ability to keep the maintenance of my result for every examination.
The second class after Mutanabbi is Jurjani. Both of the class; Mutanabbi and Jurjani kept fighting to raise the best class award which was held every year in that school. The award was given to the class which had more students’ name listed on the top thirty best students in the form.  The educational fight accidentally introduced me to a girl who had a long name, Alyaa Insyirah Durrani binti Alias. I was so attracted to her name as it looked universal and professional.  My heart kept telling me to look for her because i did not know which one is her yet.
When i had known her, i started to know her unique personality. It took about three years for me to know her deeply. It was so lucky for me when she gained a good result during the form two final examination. On the next year, we had been close classmates in form three mutanabbi. It was all started when i approached her after looking at the gloomy look on her face. I asked her problem. It was a relief as she was ready to share her problem with me, a blank-headed boy who did not know anything about girl. She told me all her problems while crying in front of me. On that moment, my instinct told me that she was the one who could be my girlfriend. OMG ! What happen with my heart actually ?
A week later i asked her to be the one and she AGREED !  I was exhilarated on that time but the relationship did not last for long. She told me that between us, there should be no love as both of us suited to be a couple of best friends. Besides that, we were still studying on that time and we needed to focus on our study. She did not want to get involved in ‘monkey love’ situation. I respected her decision as she did it for our benefits.
After PMR 2008, i went to school to meet up with her while taking the result. When the Principal announced the excellent students’ names, i did not hear my name. I felt very ignoble and disappointed but once i heard her name, all my negative feelings flew away and was replaced with the proud of her success.  I hurriedly texted her and congratulated her.  She replied ‘thanks’ and off text with me. I murmured in my mind, ‘maybe i was disturbing her to celebrate her success in PMR 2008,right aizat ?’

Several days later she sent me a text and told me a bad news. She was going to continue her study at smk tengku Mahmud which is situated in besut, Terengganu. She had to leave me here and asked me to take care of myself. I was shocked enough after reading her text. It had been nearly three years that i did not see her but i knew, deep in heart she would not forget me.
However, our friendship still remains until now. She is now waiting to pursue her study in Teaching English as Second Language (TESL) for primary school at Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Dato’ Razali Ismail, Batu Rakit, Kuala Terengganu.  It suits her best and I will always support her in everything that she will do. I am so thankful to God as i get to know a humble girl like her. I hopefully wish that she will keep helping me and be herself always.  I also hope that i would not lose her as a really great and nice best friend.

Good luck, best friend ! –rjnrhmzhrjnrmn.


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yes bestfriend, semoga kawan sampai bilabila.

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