The End of 2016, The End of Five Years and a Half.

Assalamualaikum and hi. idk whether there are people who read my blog, but still i wanna write here so all of the things in my heart would be kept as memories, here. :)

Do i still remember the feeling of going to pursue my study in IPGKDRI, as a TESL student? Yeah, i am. Masa tu the feeling sangat berdebar, anxious, nervous everything. So normal, sebab dah tahu kita akan spend masa kat situ for almost six years, SIX YEARS AT THE SAME PLACE WITH ALMOST ALL THE SAME PEOPLE. Haaaaa.

Dari Wakaf Tengah, Gong Badak tu takdek KFC, McDonald, Kedai Makan yg hipster2, Mydin Mall, Giant Market sampailah sekarang dah ada. Omg the memories. I just cant. Too much things terpaksa ditinggalkan. All of sudden. I admit that i was never ready to leave that place and the people there. Sangat banyak yang nak diceritakan dalam entri yang bleh dtulis dalam blog ni. Kalau nak spill out, semua perasaan ada. Bercampur baur.

I want to keep all about the people i value here, of Kamil, Amira, Abong, Paan, AbeDin, Acu, KakSaid, Ijat, Kak Liza, Kak Mas, Mea, Muni, Aman, Kak Fawa, Kak Ain, Linda, Nami, Kak Atee, Adek, Adel, Azimah, Syaak, KakYa, Dr Jee, Ustaz, Mama Siti etc etc. Too many people that i could just lie down and dream about them instead of writing about them here.

So i guess i would just part with them, never keep any hatred in my heart and keep loving people as how i am rn.

Only the thing i could say here is that i have finished my 5 years and a half study there, and going to be interviewed whenever the SPP ring all of us and have my convocation session next year which will be approximately after a year of waiting.

So, yeah. Good bye IPGKDRI.
Thanks for all the memories there.

p/s: il be writing year after year (2011-2016) in the next entries about how i have spent all those years there with the people ive known, there. :)

jzkk. ^^<3

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